1.      RETURNS

The following terms shall govern any returns by customers of goods bought on the platform:

1.1.     When can you return goods bought through Sports Boulevard?

  • Customers may return goods bought on the platform for any of the following reasons:
    • Where there is a defect or damage in the good(s) at the time of delivery.
    • Where quantity of goods received exceed the corresponding Order.
    • Where the goods delivered are not the ones ordered.
  • Sports Boulevard will accept returns from the Customer for defective products, free of charge, provided that the following conditions are satisfied:
    • The return request must be made by the Customer to Sports Boulevard Customer Service at within no later than seven (7) days from delivery date;
    • The return must be made by the Customer within no later than seven (7) days from the delivery date;
    • The Products are returned in the original packaging with the relevant labels attached and undamaged;
    • In case of electronics, the seal of the item should not be broken;
    • The Products show no sign of usage;
    • The Products are complete; i.e. no missing components;
    • The stamped invoice is attached;
    • The returned Products are not Non-returnable Products or brands as stated on the Platform; and
    • Sports Boulevard’s after sales support team failed to fix the problem.
  • The following Products shall be Non-returnable: Books, CDs, DVDs, electronic memory devices (e.g.: USB, memory card, etc.), underwear, swimsuits, personal care products, products sold as part of a promotion, sporting equipment/apparel that has been used since taking delivery and shoes without a shoe box/damaged shoe box.
  • Products will not be eligible for return if they have been partially or entirely disassembled, physically altered, permanently installed, affixed, attached, joined or added to, blended or combined with, or embedded within, other goods or property. This includes products & packaging that have been worn or damaged.

1.2.     How does a customer make a return to Sports Boulevard?

  • You may request a return by emailing your order number, the details of the item/s in question, along with an explanation of why you would like to do so and your preferred refund method, to Where a return is made due to a faulty or damaged product, make sure to include a clear photo of the product showing the faultiness or damage, where possible.
  • Please ensure that the item/s are in the packaging that you received them in, and that you include the original order invoice.
  • Our logistics partner will contact you to arrange a suitable time and day to collect the item. Please note that a collection generally takes up to 5 working days where the Shipping Address is within Nairobi, and 8 Working Days where the Shipping Address is in Outlying Areas.
  • We will thereafter perform a careful quality check to establish whether the claim is valid. If the claim is valid we will refund you according to your requested refund method. This process may take up to 7 days from when the product is collected from you.
  • If the claim is invalid the item will be sent back to you and you shall be liable for payment of the relevant delivery fees.
  • We keep track of all return requests and use the data to improve our product quality and service, as well as for customer profiling. Customers with unjustified/invalid returns may be denied the right to return items, place pay-on-delivery orders or even shop on Sports Boulevard in the future.

1.3.     Are Returns Chargeable?

  • Returns made in respect of faulty or defective products or wrongful delivery shall not be Chargeable.
  • In the event the item/s being returned is due to no error on Sports Boulevard’s side, a collection and replacement charge might be levied. The Sports Boulevard customer service team will use their discretion to evaluate whether these fees may be waivered.

1.4.     How long after delivery should returns be made?

  • Return requests shall not be processed unless they are made within 7 Working Days of the date of delivery. After this period, we shall not accept any returns.

2.      REFUNDS

2.1.     When can one obtain a Refund?

  • You may be entitled to receive a Refund when you return a product either due to faultiness, damage or wrongful delivery subject to the terms and conditions in respect of returns herein. When making the return request, ensure to specify the preferred method of refund.

2.2.     How is the Refund processed?

  • Refund process begins after we have completed evaluating your returned product. From the day you submitted your return request, this quality evaluation process may take up to 7 days. A refund notification shall be sent via email once the process is finalized.

2.3.     What methods of Refund are available?

  • Where a return request is validated, you may receive your refund either in form of a Refund Voucher/Coupon or a cash refund. If you prefer to repurchase the product, a Refund Voucher/Coupon shall be processed and this must be indicated when you request for a return when contacting our Customer Service. In the event you would prefer a cash refund, the refund methods available according to payment methods are:
M-Pesa Mpesa or Refund Voucher/Coupon
Bank Transfer Bank Transfer or Refund Voucher
Sports Boulevard Voucher Refund Voucher
  • A Refund Voucher is a compensation mechanism which credits you with the value of your returned product when placing an order for a new product.
  • All refunds by way of a Refund Voucher/Coupon shall be commensurate to the value of the item only. Where a Refund Coupon is used the relevant code shall sent via e-mail to the address used to make the purchase.

2.4.     How long is a Refund Voucher valid?

  • You can use the Refund Voucher to purchase any item on the website. A refund voucher is valid for 60 days from issue date and can be used on several purchases, until the balance is 0.

2.5.     Are Shipping and Delivery Fees Refundable?

  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable, unless an order has arrived damaged, faulty, incorrect or missing. The Sports Boulevard customer service team will use their discretion to evaluate whether a refund for shipping and handling may be waivered.